Leicester Abbey: medieval history, archaeology and manuscript studies

Edited by Joanna Story, Jill Bourne and Richard Buckley 2006

Leicester Abbey was founded in 1138 and became one of the most important Augustinian monasteries in medieval England. But it is one of the least known of the Midland monasteries because of the almost total destruction of its buildings and archives after its Dissolution in 1538. This is the first volume on Leicester Abbey for more than 50 years, produced to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society.

The book presents eleven papers by leading scholars and local historians on the social, political and landscape history of the abbey as well as its archaeology, manuscripts, charters, urban rentals and library. Newly discovered charters are published here for the first time, as well as accounts of recent excavations in the abbey and gatehouse that formed the core of the post-Dissolution mansion known as Cavendish House.


Introduction, JOANNA STORY

  1. The archaeology of Leicester Abbey
    Richard Buckley with Steve Jones, Peter Liddle, Michael Derrick and James Meek
  2. An incense-boat cover from Leicester Abbey
    David Dawson
  3. The landscape of Leicester Abbey's home demesne lands to the Dissolution
    Anthony Squires
  4. Leicester Abbey after the Dissolution
    Richard Buckley with Steve Jones, Paul Courtney and David Smith
  5. Henry Knighton and Leicester Abbey
    Geoffrey Martin
  6. The books of Leicester Abbey
    Teresa Webber
  7. binding descriptions in the library catalogue from Leicester Abbey
    Michael Gullick
  8. Summary catalogue of surviving manuscripts from Leicester Abbey
    Michael Gullick and Teresa Webber
  9. On the outside looking in: the Abbey's urban property in Leicester Appendix: Bodleian Library Laud Misc. 625, ff. 185r-189r
    David Postles
  10. Abbot Sadyngton of Leicester Abbey and onychomancy: an episode of clerical divination in the fifteenth century
    Anthony Roe
  11. Early charters and patrons of Leicester Abbey Appendix: the charters of Leicester Abbey 1139-1265
    David Crouch

Index of Manuscripts
Index of Medieval People and Places (Rory Naismith)
General Index

This volume has been produced to mark the 150th anniversary of the Society.

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