About our publications

The Society has been involved with publishing material since its formation in 1855.

To begin with annual reports were published in regional journals, but from 1862 it has produced an annual volume of Transactions, sometimes divided into several parts covering a number of years. This valuable resource has now been indexed and copies of that index can be bought from the Society or searched online. Selected articles may now also be viewed online.

The Leicestershire Historian has been published by the Society since 1996 and back numbers of some editions are now available online.

Members of the Society also receive a Newsletter four times a year and a limited number of recent editions can be read online.

In addition the Society publishes occasional books which are available for sale.

Transactions authors list

Between 2018 and 2023, LAHS worked with the Archaeological Data Service (ADS) to deposit previous issues of Transactions and the Leicestershire Historian, to ensure as far as possible that this resource remains freely and fully accessible to researchers and the curious minded well into the future. This exercise, which is now complete and was greatly assisted by University of Leicester Archaeological Services, involved compiling summary or metadata for over 2000 individual papers, and fully identifying authors and contributors.

“The effects of rough pavements to tender-footed passengers” by Isaac Cruickshank (1797)