Research Grants

The Society has always been keen to encourage research, and its publications contain the results of such research.

Occasionally the Society itself has promoted research projects, but on the whole individual members carry out research over a period of time, sometimes resulting in books or papers in Transactions.

Over the years sums of money have been left to the Society to encourage research and this money forms the Research Fund to which members and others can apply for grants.

Guidance notes

A research fund was established in 1923 and since that date additional sums of money have been added to the initial investment. The original trust deed speaks of using the income arising from the fund for "...such work of archaeological or antiquarian research as the Trustees think fit."

The Society welcomes applications for grants from this fund along the following guidelines:

  1. Applications are invited for research which focuses on the archaeology, architectural history and history of Leicestershire or Rutland. Research which places evidence from these counties into a broader regional or national framework is also welcome.
  2. Non-members of the society are eligible to apply for funding.
  3. Average grants in recent years have been in the region of £500-£1000, but additional resources now mean that considerably larger sums are now possible if this can be justified by the importance of the project.
  4. Potential applicants are invited to email the Chair of Trustees of the Research Fund about their projects in advance of submitting a formal application.
  5. The Trustees of the Research Fund will meet twice a year in April and October to consider requests. Applications must therefore be submitted by April 1st and October 1st each year in order to be considered at these meetings, although applicants can discuss their projects with the Chair of Trustees of the Research Fund at any time of year. Applicants should complete the form on the website and send this by email to the Chair of Trustees of the Research Fund as indicated on the form, along with any supporting documentation, financial statements etc for circulation to other Trustees. Grants can be made at any time of year but there is a limited fund for each financial year.
  6. Applicants will be expected to name two people who can write in support of the research project. These should be informed in advance of the application being made and asked to write directly to the Chair of Trustees once the application has been submitted.
  7. Trustees are keen to support primary research. Applications might be for travel to do field work or visit archives, costs of equipment and consumables, employing assistants or researchers, or work connected with preparing specialist reports for publication, as well as drawings and photographs. Grant will not be made for fees or living expenses for students writing theses. The Chair of Trustees will expect to see final accounts for large projects supported by the Society and, in the case of large projects, interim statements.
  8. Applicants may make use of the grant from the Society as part of a larger project but are asked to state in their initial application the other sources of funding applied for.
  9. Applicants would be expected to disseminate the results of their research to members of the society by giving a lecture to the society and/or publishing in one of the annual publications which the society produces and/or donating a book resulting from the grant to the Society’s Library. Grants from the Society should be acknowledged in any publication or display that results.

Research Grant Application Form

If you feel your project is eligible please complete the form and send it to 'Research Fund Committee, LAHS, The Guildhall, Leicester. LE1 5FQ' by email to:

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